• CANYS ‘Vision 2020’ Leadership Conference in Saratoga Springs provided insights, tools and networking for 64 attendees!   

    Organized by CANYS and supported by ACCE, US Chamber, Membership Monday, numerous NYS Chambers and sponsors National Grid, Collette Vacations, ChamberMaster, EnergyNext, Leadercast, NHCG and Sprint, the conference provided terrific opportunities for attendees to network, learn, interact and socialize with chamber executives and staff from around the state.  With presentations from Beth Bronder at ACCE, Sara Armstrong and Nick Vaugh from the US Chamber, Jim Durland of Membership Monday and a host of other speakers on topics of relevance for Chambers of Commerce, the takeaways from these two days were valuable and memorable. 

    In addition to sharing some photos from the conference, presentations on the Horizon Initiative from Beth Bronder at ACCE, and the Leadership Analyzed from our keynote speaker General Bill Martin are available via email.  Simply email Peter Aust at peter.l.aust@outlook.com  and request a copy of the powerpoint presentation be sent to you.  Don't hesitate to take a moment to refresh yourself (if you attended) or enlighten yourself (if you were unable to attend) with these presentations. 

    Next up:

    Follow Up Conference Call with Jim Durland - Tuesday, July 16 at 11am - Whether you attended the Leadership Conference in Saratoga Springs last month or not, Jim Durland is inviting all CANYS members to join him in a re-cap conference call to highlight and review the topics covered at the conference and answer any questions you have on chamber membership recruitment and retention.  This 45 minute call will be invaluable to all - whether you attended his 3 hour session or not!  Don't miss this chance to hear from Jim on a vital topic important to EVERY Chamber in the country!  GO HERE to register for this conference call before July 15th.  It is free to attend but registration is required. 



    Quest for Community: How to Reconnect, Reengage, and Reenergize!

    People today are becoming more disconnected than ever before, despite the constant presence of “virtual communities” such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others. This feeling of isolation is affecting their health, their personal relationships, and even their performance at work!

    What we’ve found is that people are lacking a sense of community – both personally and professionally – that is so vital to living fulfilled and successful lives. In this enlightening program, based on his upcoming book, Quest for Community, Ron Rosenberg will help you discover why it’s absolutely essential to identify, create, and actively promote communities with like-minded people who share similar passions, goals, and objectives in your Chamber of Commerce.  This interactive webinar is being planned for early October. 





    • Gideon-Putnam.jpg
      CANYS 2019 Leadership Conference - Gideon Putnam Hotel
    • General-Bill-Martin-final.jpg
      CANYS 2019 Leadership Conference - Keynote speaker General Bill Martin
    • Kilmer-Award-final-w1232.jpg
      CANYS 2019 Leadership Conference - Award to Mark Kilmer, 2018 CANYS Chair
    • ACCE-session-final-w1232.jpg
      CANYS 2019 Leadership Conference - ACCE General Session
    • Lt-Gov-Hochul-w-group-final-w1232.jpg
      CANYS 2019 Leadership Conference - Lt. Governor Hochul
    • Sara-Armstrong---US-Chamber-final-w1232.jpg
      CANYS 2019 Leadership Conference - Sara Armstrong - US Chamber
    • Keynote-session-final-w1232.jpg
      CANYS 2019 Leadership Conference - Keynote Luncheon
    • Douglas-and-Samuels-1-final-w1232.jpg
      CANYS 2019 Leadership Conference - Garry Douglas and Al Samuels lead discussion
    • Mayor-Meg-Kelly-final-w1232.jpg
      CANYS 2019 Leadership Conference - Saratoga Springs Mayor Meg Kelly
    • SPAC-Stage-photo-final.png
      CANYS 2019 Leadership Conference - Saratoga Performing Arts Center stage tour
    • Shimkus-at-podium-final-w1232.jpg
      CANYS 2019 Leadership Conference - Todd Shimkus, Saratoga County Chamber welcomes CANYS to Saratoga Springs
    • Shipley-and-Aust-w2464-final-w1232.jpg
      CANYS 2019 Leadership Conference - Jeff Shipley, Seneca County Chamber and Peter Aust, CANYS
  • As our state's professional development association for Chambers of Commerce, we are dedicated to providing members with education and insight into the latest trends and issues facing our chambers and communities, along with being a forum to connect and collaborate with peers from throughout New York State.  Chamber professionals who succeed long-term have a willingness to never stop learning and invest in the development of their staff members, realizing that an educated, committed team is key to an impactful Chamber. I encourage you to tap into the resources available through CANYS.   Don't hesitate to reach out to any of us on The CANYS board if we can be of assistance to you.

    Mark Kilmer
    President and CEO
    Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce  -  2018 CANYS Chair


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