• Mission & Purpose


    The Chamber Alliance of New York State is an Association of New York State Chamber Professionals. The group consists of the top membership, marketing, communications, and non-dues professionals from across New York State.

    CANYS provides chamber professionals access to proven methods and new approaches, through industry leaders and outside resources, to grow their chambers in both membership numbers and total revenue. CANY provides the most direct, cost effective methods of branding, marketing, communications, and technology for chamber professionals to be successful at their jobs.

    This is accomplished through:

    1. Our  annual Winter and Spring conferences.
    2. Exchanging with members in good standing the following:
      • Promotional materials, bulletins, letters, enclosures, folders, directories, multimedia and other items used to promote and enhance growth and branding.
      • New ideas and plans when inaugurated (with covering material).
      • Data on newly tried plans directed to promote, augment or to continue state chamber membership, non-dues, policy, and communications efforts, advocacy.


  • For further information on how to become involved with the Chamber Alliance of NYS (CANYS), contact Peter Aust, Executive Director at 518-260-4000 or peter.l.aust@outlook.com